Upgraded to a 5DIII from a D700

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Randplaty wrote:

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until you try processing them on a MacBook Air.

Seriously, you spent 3500$ on 22 Mp camera and several thousands $$ on lenses, and can't afford 750$ i7-2600 quad core Dell desktop instead off crappy macbook air?

Believe me, Ive seen all 8 threads (4 cores x 2 threads) go to almost 100% on an I7 with 7GB of ram utilized when I batch process 5D2 files. I have no intention of spending all weekend behind the screen with the Dell cooling fan screaming.

If you do a few pictures at a time, its fine with 24 MB raw files. If I need more MP for resolution, expose properly and stitch.

This is hilarious! I can't speak for the OP, but the biggest bottleneck in processing photos for me is the hard drive. MacBook Air has an SSD which tends to make it a faster photo processor than a lot of computers with better processors.

I process over 1000 photos in Lightroom every wedding. That's why we use SSDs. But SSDs are generally only 256gbs at this point. Even if we bought a stupid dell and installed 3x the HD space, we'd have to buy 3 different 256gb SSDs. Not a great option. And we'd also be stuck with a crappy Dell.

It's been amusing seeing some of the replies about why I should have spent my money buying a faster computer. Why would I want to spend my money on buying something to process and store extra pixels I do not need? In thinking of the things I wanted in a camera that would make me want to upgrade from my D700, having 3x the pixels was way, way, way down the list. I recognize that there are those that genuinely need those extra pixels and will use them. I also think there are a lot of folks that will buy those extra pixels that will never use them to their full potential. My decision was based on what I need and what I use based on my current competency and talent as a photographer. The 5DM3 fit the bill the best.

As mentioned above, I have a faster computer... with oogles of storage. The bottomline is I don't want to mess with it. Since getting my MacBook Air, 95% of my work has been done on it. My iMac has been relegated to serving music and movies. I am more than satisfied with my Air's ability to not only process the pictures I make, but also it's ability to store them. I have my entire portfolio wherever I am. Awesome.

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