5N and poor man's macro

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Re: 5N and poor man's macro

Sorry for not being clearer. I have included some pictures to help explain what I did.

Here's an original NEX cap that fits on the camera body, along with one that I modified to construct an adapter. I used superglue to fasten the filter ring to the cap. Since the cap was just a shell, I filled the back with JB Weld and then drilled a hole to accommodate the NEX lens locking pin.

Here's a back view. Note the JB Weld.

To protect the back of the lens from dust, I cut a hole through a lens cap and glued a filter over it. Here's another picture showing the original alongside the finished product.


Here's the whole deal. Note that the rectangular opening at the back of the lens is not oriented to match the sensor; you could align these at the time of assembly. It shows no vignetting, though, so I'm not worried about it.

The plane of focus is about an inch from the end of the lens (about 3/4" from the cap shown here) . Theoretically, you could move it farther away by bringing the lens closer to the sensor, but that would decrease your image magnification. I have not experimented with back or front focusing the lens before using it, but it should make at lest some difference. The diffraction characteristics seem to hold in reverse too, so diffraction will start degrading the image at smaller than f10. You want a small aperture because the DOF gets too small at close focus distances.


I think the 16mm is especially well suited for this, for several reasons. The lens has excellent center sharpness and it seems that the center is all that is being used when mounted this way. Also, as a wide lens, it provides a good deal of magnification and its compact size helps to keep the system small.

Anyone try this with the UWA converter?

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