X10 in Shanghai/Nanjing

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Re: X10 in Shanghai/Nanjing

danny_only wrote:
Hi Rainman,

These pictures taken in Shanghai/Nanjing? Some food pictures look like Cantonese BBQ food to me. I love food pictures

Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures.

The sharpness is fine with me, I think a small increase in sharpness will make some pictures here oversharpened.

May I suggest you select some favorite ones, upload to dpreview gallery of your account here, then post those pictures plus the link to your flickr account. These beautiful pictures deserve more replies.

timo wrote:

rainman1978 wrote:

Sunshine_boy wrote:

Lovely and interesting content!...

But most of the shots I looked at look rather soft which takes away a lot of their impact.

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Best Regards

ps If you see someone without a smile on, give him one of yours...

Is it? They look relatively sharp on my monitor, in fact I think some might be over sharpened as I set sharpness to hard.

They look generally sharp on my screen. Indeed, in a few cases slightly over sharpened.

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Best Regards,


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Fujifilm Alternate Low Light Solution'

Other Pics

Thanks for the kind comment.

They do have Taiwanese/Canto style restaurants there. While generally having a weak stomach, I did not venture much of the street food there.

It's a very versatile compact, high hit rate for me so far. Colors and sharpness are close to what I want to achieve, overall very useable jpegs with minimum PS require.

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