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Re: What's the Rush?

Jim Hess wrote:

I used the Lightroom 4 Beta version and became quite excited with some of the new features. But the problem was that it was terribly sluggish on my computer. Admittedly, I have an underpowered system for using Lightroom, 32-bit with only 4 GB RAM, Windows 7. Hardly anything that most of you would tolerate. I began comparing results from Lightroom 4 with those from Lightroom 3, and if I really got myself into a "sales" mode I could convince myself that it was significantly better. In reality, I don't believe that the "improvements" warrant all the frustrations I have been reading about. Okay, my cameras are old; Nikon D40 and Nikon D90. Lightroom 3 has all of my camera profiles, and I have lens profiles for most of my lenses. While the rest of you fight with these little nuances with the new version of Lightroom, I'm going to have to let my quality "suffer" and stick with Lightroom 3. My contention is that if you were to compare large prints side-by-side it would be difficult for you to determine which version was used. Lightroom 3 ain't broke, so I'm not going to fix it.

Hi Jim,

I understand. No, this is nothing to do with some thing is wrong with LR3 or quality that LR3 produces vs LR4. I am looking for new features especially new options under "adjustment brush" which I do use a lot. I hope LR4 does not drag on performance on my computer too much. It is yet to be seen. Your computer spec. is similar to mine which is about to be 4 year old. Under heavy editing, LR3 is already slow.


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