X100: Quick questions from potential buyer.

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Re: X100: Quick questions from potential buyer.

Wow, a couple of really harsh reviews. I strongly believe that people who feel terribly let down by this camera, are either expecting it to be something it isn't or are comparing to other types of tools such as SLRs. We all knew from day one basically that this camera was not blazing fast - not for startup, not for AF, not for saving files to the card, so I wonder how come there's people that still bought this camera only to later complain about what was known from the beginning.

This is a special tool. It has great tactile feedback, it works like an old school compact camera for the most part. It is not designed for machine gun type of shooting. It is the first attempt at designing something really different from what all other manufacturers were doing at the moment - it is a risk prospective customers have to face.

You can accept what this camera brings to the table (great IQ, lovely colors, excellent handling and physical controls, excellent low light capabilities and rangefinder-like experience), and enjoy it like crazy, or you can focus on what it doesn't do well and complain till the end of the world - you choose.

Would I want the performance to improve? Of course. Would I like better menus? Sure. Do the quirks make the experience with the camera any less enjoyable? don't think so. Not for me at least. It fills a very well defined niche and shooting experience, and it excels at that.

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