DPR studioshots D800 vs. 5DII vs. D4 at f11

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Re: DPR studioshots D800 vs. 5DII vs. D4 at f11

marike6 wrote:

DarkShift wrote:

I'm not sure I'll be buying into this idea that the D800 shows diffraction significantly earlier than other cameras.

Diffraction is not a wall. All lenses are affected by diffraction at all F stops. However they also suffer from spherical aberration. Wide open, spherical aberration has a much greater effect, hence stopping down will initially increase sharpness because spherical aberration is reduced. At some point spherical aberration is less than the diffraction effect and stopping down more will reduce resolution. Usually max sharpness is 1-2 stops below max aperture (more for really fast lenses).

With smaller spacing between sensels, the point at which diffraction starts to reduce sharpness comes in earlier, but resolution is higher to start with. You would have to stop down a lot more than F11 before the lens resolution was so low that the sensor made no difference.

However it should reduce moire too.

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