EM5: Silver body with black body's leatherette finish

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Re: What?

Timur Born wrote:
Shamelessly stolen from another forum:

I had a chance to try both (black and silver). Grip wise, I think they are just the same. It feels good in hand. It is not slipping (I also have sweaty hands). Plus, at the backside, it has a rubbery-"thumbs up"-like thing for a more secure grip.

Both of the textured grip from black and silver are more "rubbery/grippy" compare to my X100. The leather like grip of my X100 is more of a "plasticy" type. In my opinion, I think the grip on E-M5 is better.

Depends on who you want to believe, I suppose. Fotopolis had this to say (translated):

Handle despite the relatively large mass of the camera with 12-50 mm lens is very convenient, mainly due to the large tabs on the rear. On the front also find a crease on the fingers. The black version of the material contained therein is quite slippery , so we recommend the silver version, which offers much better grip .



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