Why Canon Doesn't Care about High MP Photographers: a Theory

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Re: Because They Can't!

technic wrote:

RvPhotoTraveller wrote:

The "Powers that Be" at Canon said in a senior management interview recently they can produce a "high resolution" camera easily "if they see the need". Lets hope this massive outcry on the world's largest photography discussion forum will turn some heads at Canon.

IMHO only a massive buyer strike will turn some heads. Let's see if Canon can find enough wedding photographers to buy up those 50.000 or so 5D3 (+1DX) bodies per month.

Ya,I guess japanese corporate management is a tough nut to crack - let's hope the resignation of the old CEO and appointment of a new ceo at Canon will shake things up and make this mega corporation more responsive to custimer needs and desires. http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1032&message=40530216

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