B&H not an authorized Nikon dealer?

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Re: No USA version Nikon DSLRs listed at B&H

[Also posted in the other thread on B&H's status]

Just chatted with B&H moments ago. Here's a portion of the transcript that may be of interest:

Me: my third question is: is b&h currently a nikon authorized dealer?

B&H: We are yes. I know that they had forgotten to add us to the list on their site a while back, I'm not sure if they have changed this yet. But we are an authorized dealer. If we were not, we would not be able to, for example, sell the Nikon extended warranties. Also, Nikon sends in representatives often so that the sales associates in the store and on the phones have a chance to see the new cameras, which they only do for authorized dealers.

B&H: Though, if you like, I could give you their contact information, if you would like to confirm our status with them

Me: ok, thank you. i'm going to research the d800 further and then make a decision. thanks

B&H: You're Welcome. Thank You for chatting with B&H. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Take the above for what it's worth, but it is mildly encouraging. Regards. -iwbs

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