WOW! Dxomark for D800 (link to Dxomark, no fake pics) pt2 Locked

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Re: WOW! Dxomark for D800 (link to Dxomark, no fake pics) pt2

carlk wrote:

No I haven't. I'm more interested in a high quality mirrorless that is more portable to comlement my dslr. I'm also only interested aps-c so the Nikon or Oly offerings are not on my radar screen.

Edit, I actually might take a look at the oly even it's a m4/3. Looks pretty interesting although the look kind of turns me off.

I'm currently using Canon 450D and considering both OM-D and a FF DSLR for upgrading. The OM-D is obviously not at the level of 5D3 or D800, but it sure is good enough most of the time, and all that in small package with good controls, and with several very nice lenses available. There are still gaps in the m43 lens line, but it should do well for 'walkaround photography'. I would love a lighter/smaller, high MP version of the 5D3 with a swivel LCD, but that probably is not going to happen in the near future (at a decent price).

I used Olympus OM2 for many years, so the OM-D looks a bit familiar to me. IMHO the OM-2 / OM lenses had better, more consistent design though - especially when it comes to lenses.

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