90mm Tamron Macro vs. 60mm Tamron Macro

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Re: 90mm Tamron Macro vs. 60mm Tamron Macro

The 90mm has a normal working distance, the 60mm has a long WD compared to what most would expect from a 60mm macro.

After seeing the first comment about that i did some checking up elsewhere and it does appear they are about equal in WD (still, always best to do your own research, too).

I've not used the 60mm. Reports are it's very good. Slightly better than the 90mm. I can see that in photos online, it does appear a little sharper.

I did have a 90mm, its weight is not an issue, really. It's not super light but it's not heavy. A (lowest-level) gorillapod can take the weight of my cam+90mm.

If I had the money i'd buy the 60mm based on reviews, user reports and online photos...but, try and find some professional sites that have compared them. Some say to buy the 60mm because it has an ever-so-slightly faster aperture. But for macro that wont matter(90% of the time), and if you're into portrait photography you'll already have a 30-50mm 1.x. So i'd ignore that factor.

if you've never done macro photography before...one piece of advice i have is to try and find your lenses diffraction-softness drop-off point. For my 90mm it was about f16 when it fell off a bit of a cliff. At max aperture it was noticeably suffering (in crops).

The first-timer (well...me) will have heard about increasing aperture for DOF, will see the DOF on their camera monitor is reasonable at max aperture but will have soft photos at home when reviewing. I mention this because I was most unhappy with the lens until I started to reduce aperture on a little test set-up and saw sharpness (though much less DOF).

Anyway, in conclusion...most people say that with a macro lens you cant really go wrong because modern ones are all very good. If it were me: if money is an issue and the 60mm is £100 more expensive i'd go for the 90mm, if it's 50 or less between them i'd go 60mm. But since I havent used a 60mm, I can only really advise on the 90mm, my 60mm advice is speculative

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