12-50mm compared to 14-42 mkI (on Lenstip review)

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Re: E-P1, E-PL1, E-PL2 resolution very similar according to DPR

mfbernstein wrote:

Bilgy_no1 wrote:

The argument you provide contains a lot of speculation and uncertainty, so I decided to check on the DPR resolution numbers.

Unfortunately DPR and lenstip use different methodologies for determining resolution, so you can't say that if there is x% difference in resolution according to DPR, there will x% difference according to lenstip.

Yes, but do you agree that they look very similar on the samples? You came up with a number of 28%, which sounds like a lot. So I'm only trying to understand the differences in interpreting these results.

What you can say is that lenses that perform equally on the same sensor using DPR's and photozone's testing should perform equally on the same sensor using lenstip's testing.

The advantage being that they were all tested with the superbly sharp 50mm f/2 so that any differences can only be due to the sensor and processing.

DPR is using ACR. lenstip is using DXO. That makes for different processing.

I did use the out of camera jpegs. In all these reviews, the Olympus resolution test comes out better in jpeg than in ACR RAWs (which show more moire).

But if you don't believe me, fair enough. The samples speak for themselves, and probably within a month or two, photozone will have a test of the 12-50.

Like I said, I'm just trying to understand. It would be best if Lenstip just used the same body for each lens... (by re-shooting the E-P1 on the E-PL1).

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