XZ-1 vs. Fuji X10 samples

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Re: XZ-1 vs. Fuji X10 samples

Socorro Photog wrote:

Thanks for the wonderful post. What a lot of people (including reviewers) fail to realize is cameras behave differently in actual operation vs the studio. Some cameras will choose higher isos to keep shutter speed up (x10, LX5 in iso priority mode). Other cameras will keep the iso low to keep the quality high (TL500, xz-1, most canons) and hopefully their IS can keep up (TL500-sometimes, XZ-1-usually, Canons-usually). If you just focus on each cameras IQ at each iso then you are missing out on the cameras actual behavior in different scenarios.

The XZ-1 in anything but bright light will shoot iso 200, so if it's crap at iso 800 and up so what you won't ever use it. The down side is it won't keep up with faster paced subjects.

The x10 in anything but bright light will shoot upwards of iso 400 and at night will almost always peg your iso limit. The IQ through iso 1600 is excellent and this usually works out fine, with the exception of a less than stellar IS system. A very steady hand or tripod is needed to get blur free night shots.

The LX5 trumps them both on options (not IQ). you can choose to have the camera select higher auto isos for blur free imaging or to keep the iso level down for quality.

What a camera does in Auto iso, Auto WB and just plain Auto are very important to know.

So, once again, thanks for the test shots. They are more informative than people realize.

Hey thank you very much. This data is indeed great to know. The photo comparison is also good but your data is the missing element to judge them and make an opinion about them. Since several people reading these don't actually own these cameras, I think it is indeed important to know how these cameras usually behave. I am with the crowd that like things simple, and while it is nice to have all sorts of features in a camera, I think one should know how the camera acts and works in different circumstances.

The camera to me is a tool to record photos and not the end all of photography. A better camera can take better pictures but in the end it is the photographer who actually takes them and can make them better or worse.

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