Pano shots without a pano head +

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Pano shots without a pano head +

A ballhead with a panning base can be used as a panoramic head. Using a ballhead to get the camera level is easy. Getting the base of the ballhead (top of the tripod) level takes a bit more work. Pano heads or leveling bases for a tripod head can be added to make things easier and to make things so that the lens is properly positioned at the nodal point. I believe it is actually the entrance pupil but even that may be incorrect. Most people recognize it as nodal point so that is what I will use...

This thread contains some notes on using an Induro PHQ1 head as a panoramic head.

Panosaurus Rex & PHQ1

Below, on the left, is a Panosaurus Rex without the spherical pano attachment and above that is a lightweight Giotto MH5310. As far as I know, it is about the lightest pano head. These things weigh 33 ounces (Rex = 23.4 & MH5310 = 9.6).

On the right is an Induro PHQ1 head with the included plate and the Really Right Stuff L-bracket. All this weighs 35.4 ounces (PHQ1 = 31.2 & bracket = 4.2). This stuff weighs only a little more than the Rex and likely weighs less than other ballhead + pano head combos.

RRS L-bracket

The reason I chose the RRS L-bracket is that there are mounting holes on either foot. I can use these to mount a plate for either portrait or landscape use. Other brackets I looked at had mounting holes on only the landscape side. Also, the portrait side of the bracket is offset to clear the connections for remote and etc. This actually helps things when it comes to positioning the camera to align the lens at its... nodal/pupil/happy spot.

PHQ-1 as a pano head

Here is a picture of the PHQ1 head with included plate and the RRS L-bracket adjusted to reach the happy spot for the 21mm. The foot of the bracket can be adjusted farther back on the plate and the plate can be adjusted farther back on the head so this should work for many small primes.

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