Great future for FT!

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Re: Great future for FT!

sderdiarian wrote:

The E-M5 is a decent back-up body to a pro-grade FT body which incorporates the new 16MP sensor, Truepic VI processor, 5-axis IBIS, weathersealing and 3" OLED in a fully articulated form. Ideally it would not be an E-3/5 out-sized body, but more along the lines of a K-5. The weight saving approaches pioneered in the E-M5 would also be incorporated.

I agree, the E-7 becomes more attractive when having he latest OM-D features you mention in a smaller than E-5 form factor.

The E-3/5 was never so good as to deserve emulating, please ditch it and move on in life. The Olympus "brand" is small but excellent cameras, hopefully they'll stay more on track in their future pro bodies.

Agree again. I 'ditched it' and move on.

With a little pain though because I really like Olympus and the glass is so beautiful.

I will keep my 150/2.0 which is the lens that delivered the FT promise for me. Extreme quality in a small form factor. I believe an m4/3 2.0 version won't be much smaller ( I think they replace it with a 2.8 version). I will keep this lens for a futural m4/3 pro body.

What is essential in this class of camera is the use of a PDAF/CAF AF system along the lines of the V1 for sports/BIF photography. This is the one area mFT seriously lags on and I wouldn't be at all surprised to find Olympus has a fix in the works for their next pro body.

Agree again.

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