X10 filew raw processing

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Re: X10 filew raw processing

ISO 100 + DR 200 and ISO 100 - 320 + DR 400 in combination with "RAW+JPG" and size "M" produces real EXR sensor DR files. But these are the ones that Lightroom may process with a purple tint in the highlights of the lesser exposed half. You have to try with your own files, but this is the only true DR method that expands dynamic range at base ISO.

Advantage of this DR method is that it can lessen the amount of blooming orbs somewhat (lesser exposed half), the drawback is that it adds noise compared to other M size images, visible even at ISO 100.

With any other 19 mb DR files it shouldn't make much of a difference except that Lightroom will apply the corresponding curves for you and set them at zero slider values. You can just as much underexpose at lower ISO and lift shadows + mids manually, it's more a thing of convenience. This DR method does not expand dynamic range, but only protects from losing highlight protection (and likely some dynamic range) due to higher amplification/ISO at anything higher than base ISO.

The 10 mb DR files are pre-processed and especially pre-binned in-camera and thus behave very differently to sliders/values in Lightroom, so while the total dynamic-range is the same you may get different "in-between" results. Again a thing of convenience and taste.

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