DPP a mini-disaster for the 5DIII?

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Re: DPP a mini-disaster for the 5DIII?

SDRebel wrote:

Here's a link - read it and weep:


No wonder reports have been coming in of poor quality 5DIII examples.

I'm assuming Imaging Resource didn't make use of DPP since I don't find the reported problem affecting their samples.

Hopefully this issue can be put to bed quickly and, just as importantly, hopefully Canon provides sufficient information to Adobe so that the LR upgrade can soon be made available to properly handle RAW files from the 5DIII.

Anyone else have any news on this issue?

Canon is really getting their ass handed to them lately. The D800 has really cramped their style. I find it atrocious that I just bought a $4600 product from them and do not have a worthy raw converter at my disposal. I do not have CS5 so I have no options (DNG converter will not work without ACR 6.7) but to use DPP. Canon better get their together in the next few years or risk becoming permanent 2nd fiddle to Nikon... Its one thing to produce a camera that is completely outclassed in 10 out of 11 categories - but a whole nutha thing to price it well above its competition, and ship it with defective software... What a joke.

I pray that the Abode elves are hard at work getting 5d3 raws compatible with LR...

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