25mm CCTV C-Mount lens on Panny GF2

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Re: 25mm CCTV C-Mount lens on Panny GF2

john wrote:

RichGK wrote:

I got this lens today and cannot seem to get focus on anything beyond about 20 feet. I'm using it on a Sony NEX 5n so I'm not sure whether there is some difference between 4/3rd and the NEX that might be causing the issue.

Could you please let me know how easy it is on your lens to get focus at those distances or further?

I have exactly the same problem. Was thinking to return it. Have you found the solution?

Well judging by the other comments the problem is the distance the lens is from the sensor. Although it isn't caused by the lens fitting to the adapter in my case but rather the adapter then doesn't fit properly on the camera. I'm loath to force it on as I'm pretty confident to get it off will involve sending the whole thing off to be repaired!

OK on close examination there is a screw on my adapter that is interfering with the fitting of the adapter. This has actually ground away a small piece of plastic from the NEX 5n fitting and is what is causing the adapter to not screw all the way on.

Shame this wasn't highlighted with some documentation really! It hasn't caused any permanent damage with relation to other lenses fitting but maybe this is what is causing your issue also.

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