FedEx lost my lens

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Re: FedEx lost my lens

Hopefully it works out but note that FedEx claims people do whatever they can to NOT PAY A CLAIM.

Not singling them out, as DHL, UPS, etc does it also.

However I can tell you that my experience from work (i.e. I work for a $10B US manufacturer) FedEx is the worst at avoiding payment. They are the best at one-time delivery, but they will do whatever they can to avoid paying any or anything near 100% of the loss.

Hopefully it's insured; and I would also suggest filing a theft claim with the police, as this helps "lubricate the FedEx gears" in some cases.

Also - do what I do - have it shipped to work (even by FedEx) and track it on-line; so you can tell the folks in the mailroom (after you bring in a big box o' donuts that morning to them) to be on the lookout for a personal package that AM. Someone will bring it right up to you.

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