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Re: Newbie question - thinking ahead...

So you are interested in micro four thirds (mirrorless) , and are thinking of getting a four thirds (and therefor DSLR) as an intermediate for your class requirements.

My thoughts:

Even if the four thirds lenses can be mounted on micro four thirds cameras, do not go that way, because the four thirds is as stated above an outdated format, you are better off going for m4/3 from the start. Personnaly I would not quite agree that m4/3 is a loosing horse (some on the contrary would argue the age of DSLR is at an end).

As stated above, the only real camera to fit into the class without a problem would be a canon or a nikon DSLR. An Olympus four thirds DSLR would just be a mediocre middle ground kind of thing: worst from both worlds.

I am fairly certain a mirrorless with a view finder (especially the OMD EM5) would be good enough for a photography class (so long as you are prepared to have to deal with some issues like having extra features DSLRs do not have, and lacking some abilities the DSLRs have), but I am far from being an expert. The problem is the experts will most often be biased and tell you with absolute certainty mirrorless is crap etc...

To answer your specific question, four thirds lenses can be used on micro four thirds cameras with an adapter, but you can loose some capabilities and the size sort of defeats the purpose. Most other DSLR lenses (including canon and nikon) can be fitted with an adapter on a micro four thirds anyway also, at the cost of autofocus. So the lenses continuity of four thirds to micro four thirds is not worth it I say.

So either you decide to be brave and live through the shame of having an "inferior" and smaller camera and get yourself the camera you want (OM-D EM-5), and be prepared to be a bit independant for some things (and the professor could force you to change to a DSLR), or you just get a cheap nikon/canon learning camera and go the conventionnal road. If you really do want to goi the m4/3 road don't ask the professor or anybody (as they will just use that opportunity to tell you not to), try to force the issue, playing stupid if need be.

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