My 'low-res' D700 and 'junk' lenses...

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My 'low-res' D700 and 'junk' lenses...

I've read some utter vitriol regarding all things Nikon this week, much of it within the DPReview space on here. Now Nikon themselves are joining in by adding insult to injury by raising prices in the UK against cameras they can't and now seemingly won't supply, holding people to ransom. As others have said, all I want is my D800 to take pictures, I'm really not interested in all the other cr@p in the mix.

The ridiculous comments I've read this week regarding the "state of Nikon glass" and their "noise ridden cameras" include but are not limited to how my "low res D700" is "not fit for purpose", how the 24mm PC-E is "junk alongside Canon's equivalent" and "suffers from incredible distortion and CA", that the 45mm PC-E is "soft all over", how the 105mm VR is "light years from the Canon and Zeiss primes".

I went on a short walk down a riverbank yesterday with my D700, 24mm PC-E, 45mm PC-E and 105mm VR. To me the D700 is still extremely relevant and despite ordering the D800 I have no plan to sell it, not least as it looks I'm going to need to keep it for months until Nikon can actually supply something. And as for the PC-E lenses, I think they are the best glass Nikon makes, that and the 105mm VR which is simply stunning. The garbage that people spout on here usually comes from not owning or using anything. Hopefully the images below give an indication of what to expect from owning such equipment, instead of what you think you get from reading charts and these ridiculous forums...

24mm PC-E at f/11 - no crop or lens correction applied. See any CA or distortion? The only reason I bought this lens was because under my tests it suffered from zero distortion...It has the best corner to corner sharpness of anything I've seen. Can you imagine this scene with the D800?

45mm PC-E at f/11 - no crop or lens correction applied. I picked this scene deliberately - could there be a more difficult vision for the camera and lens to cope with? It's another uncropped image - spot anything other than corner to corner sharpness here?

105mm VR at f/8 - no crop or lens correction applied. The best bokeh and sharpness of any macro lens available? The Zeiss lens might be nice but it doesn't reproduce at 1:1...

45mm PC-E at f/4 - no crop or lens correction applied. The creative possibilities are endless, often completely overlooked with PC-E lenses.

105mm VR at f/5.6 - no crop or lens correction applied. I personally think this lens has the possibilities to transport you to another world, look at the colour rendition in this one - I love playing with planes of focus like this too.

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