Some say that the D800 will require that many 'up their game' as a

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well said.. except.. there is never an excuse for poor technique

what you have said and observed is also being quoted by Jim Brandenburg who has used D800 for a month last summer..

He clearly states how the camera is a game changer, and one has to have their techniqu nailed down, and how it made him avoid being sloppy. Read around 10:00.. etc.

Interestingly at one point (12:07), he clearly states that he was happy even at f22! So, basically D800 is doing some magic to get rid of diffraction as well. That kinda of destroys the myth that high resolution can result in diffraction, and even if it does, there is some technology going behind the scenes to make it sharp..

ARB1 wrote:

photographer, so I'm just curious to know in which ways many feel they will have to up their game with the D800; unless you're already at that point as some here are?

I just received my D800 and it is definitely different from my D300, but I'm still learning, and so far I know I'm going to be forced (willingly and that is what I want) to learn more and to give more thought to how I shoot. My D300 was far more forgiving and in my first days with the D800 I realized I really need to get serious about my craft with this baby.

It's like owning an Indy500 car and learning how to handle the damn thing, but the skies the limit when you finally do because you know it's not the car holding you back. The D800 begins to separate the men from the boys, the casual shooters from those that really want to grow or are already there; and if you're in the group that wants to grow I'd be saying bring it on.

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