D4 dxomark result is here

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Re: D800 dxomark result is here

sebastian73 wrote:

Yes the D800 is extremly near But the D4 has higher DR from about ISO 400 and up and a bit better color sensitivity on higher ISO.

But DR as a function of ISO is rather meaningless for an ISO-less sensor (which the D800 is pretty close to). Since DxO's 'ISOs' are based on saturation, the 'headroom' at any ISO they measure is exactly the same (roughly 3 stops) and thus their DR is a direct measure of shadow recoverability. Thus this shows that the D4 will have the better shadows in exposure-limited situations. But the D800 can have a higher headroom and thus an overall higher DR in these exposure-limited situations (with quite similar mid-tone quality).

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