Comparing E-P2 to E-PLM1 ....

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Re: Comparing E-P2 to E-PLM1 ....

I know that the 12-60 wasn't designed for m4/3, but the shots from that lens and the E-PM1 really "pop". I only have the 10MP Oly DSLRs and really didn't notice that much of a difference in image quality between the 12-60mm lens and the 14-54mm lens. But with the improved sensor on the E-PM1 (and to a slightly lesser extend, on the E-P2), the 12-60mm really shines.

Face detection is very useful for me, surprisingly. I thought it was a gimmick when it first came out. With the E-PM1, with face detection on and center point focus set, I find that face detection kicks in correctly for me, most of the time. It's very effective for my shooting. Also, it's great to be able to hand the camera to someone, to get yourself into the shot, while on vacation.

I'm also not worried about Oly's image quality in future cameras now, having seen the E-M5. If only they can provide PDAF--I'm just a little worried that the oscillating torque may damage 4/3 lens when using CDAF on m4/3 cameras.

amalric wrote:

I have a PL3 and an E-P2, and I concur with most of what you said. The UI of the former is better but it also normal: there are two years between camera for that improvement.

I have put grippy bits of Velcro over each side of the E-P2 and I use it for heavier lenses. It works much better than the PL3, which I use with pancakes or the kit lens. The 12-60 was never designed for one or the other.

Some features like face recognition or focus tracking are nice, but I almost never use them. What I find disturbing is that the PL3, while having better pixel sharpness, can also show out of the blue denoising artefacts, while the E-P2 does not. So I tend to feel safer with the latter for Landscape.

I use instead the PL3 for street shooting, and it is v. good for it. Possibly a 16 Mpx camera will have the advantages of both, so I don't worry. All in due time.


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