Have $1000. Recommend me a DSLR package.

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Re: Have $1000. Recommend me a DSLR package.

Well, he said he had a thousand. $500 and 600 for the Sigma would be 1,100. But by all means, if he can get a brand new body and can get the Sigma, and can go the extra hundred, of course, that's what he should do. No real difference and Canon only has a 1 year warranty like Adorama I believe, and refurbs are basically new, they have been redone to new condition, and I even prefer this because i think the Cannon refurb techs probably get it right even better than the production line workers.

i have found that buying refurb music equipment for many years dozens of items, that i have never had a refurb failure, while i have had several brand new units off of production lines break, uh, and need to be "refurbished".

So for me, give me refurbs at a cheaper price any day. My refurb t1i is exactly as new, tight new shutter with 0 count when i got it, not a mark on it, perfect everything. To me it means mine has "special attention" to make sure it's like it should be.

Anyway, I can't see any way he could spend a grand better than a rebel body, new or refurb, and a Sigma 17-50.

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