B&H not an authorized Nikon dealer?

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Re: B&H not an authorized Nikon dealer?

darinb wrote:

About five years ago I was at our nearest brick and mortar store in Palo Alto trying hard to patronize local businesses. I was looking for a shoulder case but everything I wanted was (literally) twice the online price.

I brought it up to the salesperson in a friendly way, asking if there were any sales or discounts available as I'd really lie to give them some profit vs no profit. I mentioned B&H.

He asked me if I knew how B&H got their stuff. I said, well, I guess they buy it from the manufacturer. He said, nope. They get it "from the boxes that fall off the backs of trucks." That is to say, it's all stolen goods. All this while a second salesperson is listening, head nodding. He went on and on along these lines for a few minutes.

That was the day I stopped shopping at my local camera store and stopped feeling guilty about it.

Well, it's true if by "fall" they mean "lifted and carefully transported at the loading docks" And if by "stolen" they mean "They get the lowest prices from the manufacturers because of their volume" so they're getting a steal from the distributor.

But...wow. That's all I have to say about those guys. Just...wow. I hope you weren't at K&S...

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