Is 1080p Possible with D800 HDMI Output ?

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Re: Is 1080p Possible with D800 HDMI Output ?

Yes you can get 1080P, but you have to do it the same way as with the D4. Pull your cards from the camera, hook it to an external device with HDMI and you can get up to 1080P 29.97fps, 4,2,2 video. I did it yesterday with a vid guy at work and his device which I don't know the name of. It can be used with any vid source. Such as Red cameras. It can tell you what is coming out of the camera. We set it for 23.97 fps (people normally call it 24fps) and we got stunning results. Gorgeous shallow DOF with the 24-70.

But using CF or SD cards, you get at best 1080i, and it's not clean. There is in-camera processing as it's written to the card.

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