Higher ISO or underexpose then corrected in PP?

Started Mar 24, 2012 | Discussions thread
Jack Hogan Veteran Member • Posts: 6,507
Expose for maximum information that allows for desired result

mosum wrote:

If a scene calls for a higher ISO for a correct exposure, for a given shutter speed and aperture would you underexpose the scene with a lower ISO (thus less noise and "perceived" higher DR) and then lift up the exposure in PP, or use a higher ISO to begin with?

Everything I know on this subject I learned from ejmartin, so he is the authority. FWIW, this is where I think exposure strategy is at circa 2012:

As far as the D800 is concerned, looking at DxOmark's and bclaff's graphs, one favors 1600, the other 6400, but the difference is so slight that it may be immaterial.


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