X100 Flash Wont Fire

Started Mar 23, 2012 | Discussions thread
Swim Fast
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Reset the Camera - Problem Fixed

With the reset, problem fixed. Now it is on to the problem of "New Firmware Not Be Found" when I try to upgrade to 1.2 - GREAT!

I love the images of that this camera produces, but boy what a pain. I had the SAB problem fixed, but the quirky menus and other bugs are getting to be a bit much. Now I can't figure out the upgrade procedure and I'm a computer jock.

Kind of why I sold my BMW 525 and bought a hybrid Camry. I haven't been to the car repair guy for a significant repair in years whereas with the BMW I was in for monthly visits taking me for big coin. This X100 experience is starting to feel the same. However, instead of a racehorse (X100 = BMW), I'm driving a couch (Powershot = Toyota)!

Please don't make me buy another Canon Powershot!

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