Sony A57 sensor- same as D7000/D5100

Started Mar 24, 2012 | Discussions thread
ianimal Senior Member • Posts: 1,054
Re: Same technology but probably different in some aspects...

So Sony can look at others sensor design and think
-"hey, that looks good we will use it next"

Well... don't think so, I guess there are some patents here also.
But maybe they share some knowledge and design?

I read somewhere that Nikon are making some of the instruments
that Sony are using to make sensors. If true it is really a
"mixed business". But as long as we users get sensors we like
and both Nikon and Sony earn money I guess all are happy

The studio shoots from the A57 looks very nice. Some better than the A55 I would
say. The JPG images, I did not look so much at the RAW images.

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