Nikon Uk Presidents email address

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Re: Nikon Uk Presidents email address

BackInTheGame wrote:

it might be a case of hoping people will cancel pre-orders so they can catch up.

Being clear about why there are shortages, rather than letting rumours run wild, is a better way to manage order levels. If you know there is not going to be stock till whenever, then tell people. No knowledge leads to frustration.

It is more likely Nikon taking advantage of the demand/supply situation, (which is of their making btw) and the low prices compared to similar Canon products. If it is confirmed it is a scummy move, and Nikon will have gone down in my estimation. Cash may be King, but a good public image goes a long way. Do a dirty move on people like this, and will they hang around till they can afford it, or go buy something else?

It doesn't affect me because I won't be buying a D800/E or a D4, but as a Nikon user they will have lost some of the respect I have for them as a company who 'care' about their customers and would leave a bad taste in the mouth.

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