D4 Exposure Compensation

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Re: D4 Exposure Compensation


Only just found this out and thought it may be worth mentioning. I like so few have just took delivery of my D4. First impressions were nice feel etc but then the shots were awful. since then I have shot maybe 1000 shots trying to get a perfect clear image and only by accident today did this happen......? Like you I unwrapped the new XQD card and placed it in the camera along with a trusty old CF. All images I have taken I have removed the card and used the card reader to upload. Today I forgot to replace the XQD and thus the images taken went straight onto CF. When I uploaded, there were quite a few from previous shots on my CF, the images were stunning? Totally different, noticeably different instantly than the ones viewed on the XQD??? I set all my settings similar to a D3s and basically played about as necessary to achieve good results but alas I thought this was impossible to achieve with poor focus being my main issue. contrast was wrong....but now? Maybe others could try not using the XQD and using there CF's and see if you get better results?

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