Review of Fuji X-Pro1 - extreme long exposures & IR

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Re: Review of Fuji X-Pro1 - extreme long exposures & IR

Chris Dodkin - I used the same filter on the Fuji and the Canon, the ND110 filter from B+W/Schneider Optics. The filter blocks 10 stops of visible light, and blocks some of the infrared light, but not all. B+W suggest that one use a separate IR-block filter to block the IR portion, but that is not necessary on the EOS 5D MkII, but maybe I should try it for the Fuji. That, or try your option - the Tiffen filter. But then you only get 7-stops... In the meantime, my solution of adding a 2-stop filter on top of the ND110 works fine!

First let me say that your images are beautiful - a wonderful way of portraying time and space.

I read you blog on using the X-Pro1 for long exposures, and want dot comment on the issue you had with daylight exposure when using the ND filter.

Is it possible that you are using a different ND filter on the X-Pro1 than the Canon?

I ask because I see two types of ND filter - ones that just block visible light, and ones which block visible and IR.

I wonder if the filter you used for the X-Pro1 just blocks visible light?

I would suggest using something like the Tiffen 52mm Solid Neutral Density Infrared (IR) 2.1 Filter for the X-Pro1

This filter provides 7 stops ND and eliminates Infrared bleed above 700nm - allowing more accurate daylight exposure settings.

I suspect the filter you used on your Canon may already have IR blocking - or maybe as you said, Canon rejects more IR with it's built-in filtering.
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