Selling Canon Gear, and will have $6500 to spend

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Re: Selling Canon Gear, and will have $6500 to spend

heemskerk wrote:

So after seeing the tests with the D800 I am switching from Canon to Nikon. I am going to be selling my:

85 1.2
50 1.4
100 2.8 macro
1.4x extender
580ex2 flash

Along with my tax rebate I only will have around $6500 to spend in total to start my photography business.

Wow, like so many other people have bought a digital SLR and lenses to start a wedding/photography business. What is your business plan? Having a solid business plan is far more important than if you are shooting with a Canon or a Nikon or 15 MP aps-c or 36 MP 35mm. And I really doubt that any prints you'd be doing on a regular basis will need 36 MP for a good looking print.

The other option would be to stick with Canon and get the 5D mark III, but I would have to sell one of my lenses + tax money to get it.

That would be far more logical. You don't mention any Canon camera to sell. What camera(s) do you have now?

Again, a solid and   realistic business plan is going to be better for you than having the latest new camera. I hope you are not thinking of just creating a website and hope to get customers because that won't happen.

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