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Re: In a sense you are correct

SDRebel wrote:

My suspicion is that the technology curve hasn't leveled off and that within a year or two Canon will catch up with Nikon and then surpass Nikon such that I'll again buy and sell.

I firmly believe that you are correct as well.

I think the two platforms (1D and 5D) have received an incremental improvement in numeorus areas of their feature sets and performance capabilities.

However, I sense that you are correct anticipating a far more significant leap forward with the next round of Canon releases. I don't know enough about cameras to even list potential specs we might see, but I sense from the many D800 versus 5DIII threads that the expressed wish lists by Canon users are hefty enough to warrant something entirely new by Canon.

My skill level is low enough where a 1DX or a 5D III would satisfy my personal skill development for 8-10 years. In fact, the only feature that is a concern for me is the lack of AF in the video mode. I could really benefit from that type of assistance. Fortunately, video is a low priority at this time. I am far more focused on still photography. However, 10 years is a long window. It's impossible to know if my video interests and/or needs may increase thereby making the AF in video mode a far more significant void/need.

That might be a good enough reason to start with a 5DIII. It would easily meet my photography use while I wait and see how Canon addresses video in their next releases. As for MP, ISO, fps, and the many other specs that are debated at length, the present offerings are perfect for me.

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