The X100 doing some street-art.....

Started Mar 24, 2012 | Discussions thread
OP griddi Veteran Member • Posts: 4,318
To Vic....

Thank you vic for looking at my photo's, and your input, although, not because these are my photo's, I do not agree with your remark,as you wrote " photographing street art, is like someone else's art " because most motive's are someone else's work, if it a painting, or a building, even a landscape is someone's else's art, in this instance God shaped it.

Once, while taking a photo of a street art, a person walked right along it, and I deleted this photo later, because I did not like it at all, but as you rightly said, one has to take the photo's as one likes, everybody has a different outlook, which is good, otherwise it would be boring.

Perhaps you like this photo a bit better, although still not with a person included, but a couple of bikes.


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