G1X - First attempt at Portraits (no Flash)

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Marco Nero
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G1X - First attempt at Portraits (no Flash)

My wife Rena attended an Antiques & Vintage Clothing Fair earlier today and on the way home, she asked me to take a picture of her in a dress that she'd made. I haven't really tried to take portraits with this camera.

I chose to shoot these pictures with Tv (Shutter Priority AE) because it allowed me to avoid any blown out highlights. These pictures were all taken in JPEG but some have had minor Post Processing to remove any blemishes etc.


The G1X takes quite a decent shot when it comes to portraits. I have noticed that the camera tends to identify skin-tones and appears to possibly over-process human faces and skin. (yet to be confirmed) although with Auto NR and In-camera processing it's a little hard to be certain of this without conducting certain tests.

In bright sunlight, it's really easy to end up with blown-out highlights... so I chose to shoot the outdoor shots with Tv-Mode to allow me to crank the shutter speed up or down as needed, giving me what I needed in terms of light. The only alternative available was to consider shooting indoors with an external flash. But the natural afternoon light was nice so we took the opportunity to use it. It took about 7 minutes to take two dozen shots, all of which turned out fine.

I would like to try the G1X with more controlled indoor lighting because I think it would give the old Canon Pro1 a good run for its money.

I uploaded the pictures at 1536 pixels wide which is small enough for casual browsing but large enough to show you the details without downsizing the pixels too obviously.

Waiting for Pizza at the Pizza Hut this afternoon

  • Auto ISO - Handheld - WB set to NEON.

Candid... Rena was looking at birds in the tree behind me

  • Tv Mode - ISO 400 + Handheld + WB set to SUN.

She was originally looking at the camera but was distracted when a flock of colorful parrots landed in the tree behind me. I liked this picture more so I'm posting this one instead.

50's Style dress Rena made

  • Tv Mode - ISO 125 + Handheld + WB set to SUN.

Rena's a seamstress & costume designer. There's some very nice light in this photograph. I chose to zoom in the subject from a distance to reduce any aspherical distortion since this was the picture Rena wanted me to take for her.

Secondary Light reflected from the wall

  • Tv Mode - ISO 400 + Handheld + WB set to SUN.

100% Crop

  • Tv Mode - ISO 400 + Handheld + WB set to SUN.

individual hair and skin pores are visible in the crop. These details are more obvious in sunlight because she's applied her makeup just prior to taking this photograph. She might ask me to remove this picture later because it's not particularly flattering (with sunlit shots, face powder does accentuate facial hair and details that are otherwise not visible in other types of photographs) but I thought it showed just how much detail is captured. I like the star-shaped highlights that this camera produces in reflections such as the one in Rena's eye.

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