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Re: Another go please CC

grahamfx wrote:

The sun came out today so I went out for a few hours and took some more pictures, comments are welcome, think i'm improving slowly !!

Nice, I like your black-and-whites.

This looks a bit underexposed to me, and I think I know why, because I recently ran into the same problem. Whenever one shoots in such a way that most of the frame is filled with the sky, the automated exposure metering gets a bit confused. Sky is inherently pretty bright (even if overcast) and I think that when evaluative metering is used (it's pretty likely that you used it for this shot, as it's the default value), camera decides that sky is the main subject and adjusts exposure to make it come out "right", getting the primary subject underexposed. Recently I was lucky enough to catch this helicopter in flight, and here's the shot without any post-processing:

It was a bright sunny day, and camera clearly decided to expose the sky in such a way that it's nice and blue, but leaving the helicopter underexposed as a result. Luckily, there was plenty of room for exposure adjustment in post-processing, so after some tweaks (exposure increased by nearly two stops), I ended up with this:

Granted, the sky is no longer vivid blue, but it's clearly not the main subject here :-).

I'm not sure whether a neutral density filter would have helped here (it would bring everything down in darkness), but something which can be done is switching to a center-weighted or spot metering mode, to make sure that you are getting your exposure reading off the subject itself. The sky around will probably come out a bit overexposed as a result, but I don't think anything can be done about it, aside from a single-shot HDR, perhaps.

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