Think this is useful for m4/3 users - It is about IS OIS

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Re: No, translate VR to be Nikon VR

TrapperJohn wrote:

The article describes the characteristics and limitations of Nikon VR, which is an older OIS implementation. Whatever might apply to all IS systems is purely inferred, not absolute.

All I have seen of the new 5 axis IBIS is a couple of walking videos shot with it, that were extremely good, the best I've ever seen from a slr based video.The roll stabilization works - I didn't get seasick watching it.

This new IBIS appears to have caught OIS in the two areas it excelled: video and vf stabilization, and adds roll stabilization which OIS can't do. This could conceivably signal the decline of OIS systems. Not today, not tomorrow, but possibly within five years.

So, one can approach this by pointing out limitations in an older OIS system. Or, one could take advantage of another revolutionary M43 feature that no other format has, not even Canon or Nikon dslr's: they can buy an EM5 body and all of their existing M43 glass works just fine on it - no adapters, no ebay sell and buy, no learning a new lens line. It just works.

You could always tape a Panasonic badge on the front of the EM5, if the brand name means that much. Or, if this 5 axis IBIS really works as well as it appears to, you can simply wait - it's quite possible that Panasonic will adopt it like they did the dust remover, now that it appears to stabilize video better than OIS.

If Panasonic adopt that, like the dust remover (still the best on the market) from Oly it will be good, but I doubt it, is a bit like Canon and Nikon change to IS on body, I think they have made up their minds about that, but it is not good, if this new IBIS is so good and a brand can adopt it they should forget the company policies and give us what is better, guess Panasonic have to find another way if possible with OIS technology

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