Spyder4: calibration with rgb sliders or without?

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Re: Spyder4: calibration with rgb sliders or without?

complicated question, you can do various quick test to try to figure out what works best on each monitor

in the end you can try it all three ways and see which produces the best profile,sometimes using monitor controls helps, sometimes it twists profiles and makes things worse (although for non-managed stuff it may still be better, depending)

also what is best depends upon whether you only care how color-manage programs look, ony care how non-managed programs look (not your case) or care about both equally

Rebel04 wrote:

Hi all

I have a new monitor (Dell U2412M that is a White-LED (W-LED) backlighting monitor) and I've just bought the new Spyder4 Pro. I use Windows XP SP2 with Sapphire Radeon HD5450 video card.

My question is: should I select the option that my monitor has RGB adjustment sliders, using the advanced settings (and then adjust those when prompted during calibration), or should I un-check it (and leave the monitor at the defaults of 100,100,100 RGB) and calibrate my monitor only selecting 6500K?

this is the option to RGB adjustment sliders in Spyder4 Pro

a pop-up in the Spyder4 software warns that select the RGB adjustment isn't recommended for some monitors , so I don't know what to do...

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