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Re: Canon Fanboys in Denial!

Quite true, though Canon was making the lenses for its cameras by the time mass production started. AFAIK, those first Canons (Kwanon) are pretty rare.

At any rate, I was just trying to shut up the troll; for whatever reason, the copier line irks me whenever it's used.

bobn2 wrote:

Redteg94 wrote:

Dan DeLion wrote:


There's no end to the excuses partisans make up. So, next tell me about the magical beasts that make Canon products out of pixie dust. Don't you really think Canon should have stayed with making copiers and let the big boys make the cameras? LOL

In case you haven't noticed, photocopiers didn't exist when Canon made it's first camera, nor did Nikon cameras.

Nor did Canon lenses, the first Canon used Nikon lenses.

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