D90 still worth it now over the D5100?

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Re: D90 still worth it now over the D5100?

First, I'm not trying to convince noone to buy anything, just showing some alternatives.

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

Let's ask Nightwings what he thinks of the K-5's AF performance

I don't know no Nightwings but independent tests say it is good and I don't have any complaint. Not in the same league as D300s and up I agree, but then neither are D90 and D5100. I've heard that it may be not so good under tungsten light but... in Europe tungsten light is rapidly becoming a thing of the past so I can't tell it from my experience.

I've only briefly tried the K-5

And the AF didn't work? Maybe your camera was broken. Early batches had problems just like many cameras from other manufacturers but they are solved now. It's not a perfect camera (no such thing exists) but just look at the photos in this site.

it's a nice body and at the moment it's cheap (one wonders why)

It is cheap because it is in the end of it's life cycle and just droped a couple of hundred dollars this week. That's normal.

But the lens range is pretty lousy (limited!)

OP has a 1000 USD budget and between Pentax, Sigma and Tamron there are more than 70 lenses ranging from 4.5mm to 500mm. I'm sure you need more but that's enought for 99.9% of users and way behond OP's budget. But worry not as Ricoh/Pentax will release more lenses. They just announced some.

and the support from Pentax is frankly abysmal. If someone game me a Pentax for nothing I'd sell it instantly. Awful company

Now you are being an idiot or plain ignorant. Ricoh bought Pentax some months ago. Last firmware update as 2 weeks ago. So why is Ricoh an awful company? Please care to enlighten us.

And, as you think so bad of it, if someone offers a Pentax camera you couldn't sell it as you would be ripping someone off so just give it to me. My son would give it a good use.

I'd rather be slowly tortured than...

OK now this just proves your arguments are useless. Some aquaintants of mine were tortured and they'd rather use an old camera from the 50's to shoot flying birds than going back to torture chambers.

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