Macbook Pro or iMac - any advice?

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Re: Macbook Pro or iMac - any advice?

benross wrote:

Noreen CT wrote:

I still persevere in my thinking that since Apple routinely installs iMovie and iPhoto on computers with much less computing power than mine, that I shouldn't encounter these problems.

Fascinating thread!
I just add my side of the story with a similar iMac.

I bought it about a year ago. A quad core i7 with 16 GB RAM. I wasn't impressed from the beginning and I knew I wouldn't be, because I didn't want to go with glossy display but I didn't find a convenient option at the time. After months of frustration and several relocation of my computer in the house, I can now say I'm somehow used to a glossy screen-bearly! But in terms of speed, graphic card power etc, I can't argue anything against this machine. Particularly that I have SSD drive as well and trust me, you'd notice the difference if you had it. I can say that because my SSD drive went berserk after (updater) update of latest Lion and I'm now running my OS on HDD like you do. However, regarding the spinning beach ball, beside everything else that is said in this tread, bear in mind that when it comes to photos, you are dealing with a fairly large file of 10 to 30 MB for EACH of them, and you have a lot of them. They just need time to be processed, regardless of any improvement that I'm sure is feasible in programming.

As I'm typing this, I'm running my Disk Utility for secure erasing of my drive, in preparation to take my iMac to Apple repair shop. Just in case they changed my SSD drive, I don't want to have any recoverable data in the drive. I then did the same for my HDD for the heck of it, on which I'm writing now. The activity monitor is now showing an %80 or more idle CPU, yet I have difficulty for each letter I'm typing and opening a webpage causes the beach ball appear, yet the CPU activity doesn't change that much. So I'm just guessing that re-writing the empty spaces on my hard drive is somehow more complex than what comes to my mind with very limited computer knowledge. It doesn't make CPU busy, but it doesn't let CPU to do other things efficiently. Same may go for photo processing I guess. Something is not letting something else to function and I suspect today's heavily 'networked' OS might be the cause.

Thanks for all of this. My husband would love to hear that you are secure erasing your drive before bringing it in. I would ask them to return the old SSD to you if they do replace it. I will be interested to hear what comes of your computer's stay with the geniuses and creators. I never had any luck when I brought my old 20 inch iMac in (and it wasn't all that old). They were never able to recreate the conditions I experienced when they kept it overnight and for days for stress testing.

I had really hoped that buying a new computer would make the beach ball go away. (My boys call it the spinning wheel of death.) Perhaps I will be looking into the SSD still.

I am in the middle of an iMovie project for my son's team but as soon as I finish it, I am going to pull almost everything out of iPhoto and see if that helps. It's just very frustrating to have the program freeze as soon as I attempt to open an event.

Thanks for your post. Good luck at the store.

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