Some Perspective for 5DMKIII, D800, and DXOmark

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Some Perspective for 5DMKIII, D800, and DXOmark

With all of the trolls and fanboys in this forum now, if you are not offended by something immediately, please keep reading. I am sure at some point I will say something you don't agree with. I do hope for some I can put some of this in perspective though.

1. The D800 is possibly the best high resolution SLR ever made.
2. The 5DMKIII is possibly the best all around SLR ever made.
3. DXOMark ratings are not true sensor ratings.
4. Complaining is not a virtuous way of implementing change.
5. The Chicago Cubs will win the World Series this year.

In depth:

1. D800 - Seriously this camera looks great. It has medium format resolution, and is a decent camera all around. It's not too slow, seems to be good at ISOs up to 6400 in real world shots. It has some side effects from the high resolution though. The file size is large, and from what I am hearing the focus is not necessarily up to the task for pixel peepers.

2. 5DMKIII - Everything is improved on this camera. 22MP resolution is still great. High ISO is great. from what I am looking at it seems like 12800 is very good. Good FPS, silent shutter, battery life, viewfinder, LCD, manual Audio with headphone jack, good video. All around a very solid performer. Even DR is OK.

3. DXOMark - This company reviews raw files and claims to know information about the sensor from this. I will admit I don't know a lot in this field, but this seems like a pretty misleading way to compare sensors. If I go to their site I am told the D800 has the best sensor ever made. Wow, that's pretty good. When the Pentax and the Sony cameras which will also use this sensor are tested, will they tie for the best camera made? No, Nikon will still win. Why is that? Because its not what you get from the sensor, it is what you do with what you get from the sensor. In my view Nikon is cooking the books more than Canon when it comes to their raw files. They care about the DXOMark rating enough to try and max it out. Canon doesn't care. If the D800 has 2 more stops of dynamic range than Canon, then I guess I don't know what a stop is. Because I just don't see it in the photos. Look at the highlights and shadows of the DPR test samples, the d800 is not all that different from the old 5DMKII. Other than resolution. The DXOMark results in general don't seem to add up to me into real world IQ. This isn't a slam on the D800, I just don't think the DXO ratings are worth a whole lot.

4. There are so many whiners in this forum. This sensor stinks it's ancient, There's no dynamic range, there are too many pixels, there are two few pixels. Did you see what the D800 did? Did you see what the 5DMKIII did? What are we all idiots? We now have the best of both worlds, if the D800 is so great, go buy one, if the 5DMKIII is perfect for you, buy one. If you take some actual good pictures with them, come back and talk about how the camera helped you do it. Even discuss what you would like in the next body you will buy. Save the "my camera is better than your camera talk" it is really not helping anyone. If you are so passionate about sensor design, why not design some solutions, get some patents, start your own company. If you don't know enough to do this, then understand that Canon and Nikon know more than you do. They need to make business based decisions with their resources. Both of these companies are making a ton of money and there are plenty of others like Sony and Pentax that would surely leap ahead of Canon and Nikon if it was easy to produce a sensor with 50MP and 17 stops of DR.

5. Cubs - I'm not really a fan, but my dad is. It's nice to think about someone else for a change. I hope he gets what he wants, I would trade in my camera to see that smile on his face. But, it would really bug me because I couldn't take a photo of it.

Really, take some photos... with anything, you'll feel better.


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