Sonyalpharumors having problems with Sony

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Re: It is jobmaking for lawyers

do you have the ca$h to hire a lawyer to represent you in the case?
most times, it's not worth it, and i would think the same in this case.

sony is just a pooper-stinker for coming down on SAR.
SAR is definitely protected under trademark law.
SAR is not using it to purvey or trade under the SONY name-
but rather is the topic of dicussion for the blog site.
quite outside the purview of trademarks..

question is if there's money$$$ to defend what is right..

shootin wrote:

But, he's not infringing on their trademark... it a site to talk about SONY.
Isn't this like protected free speech or something?

I guess he could go with Parody instead, ?

Quick search shows (shockingly) some Russian trade market case law...

"The appropriation of a domain name can be recognized as unlawful if the trademark (or a confusingly similar designation) is incorporated into a domain name and used commercially, either in respect of the actual goods protected by the owner's trademark registration or in respect of similar goods"

"Sometimes, however, a trademark or confusingly similar designation is used as part of a domain name to draw attention to goods or services which are not at all similar to those connected to the owner's registered trademark."

Personally, I would think this is fair game... It's a freaking blog site.

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