The new E-P2 arrived

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Wonderful Photo .. P2 also a Wonderful Camera

Beautiful shot! Good work!

I likewise have fallen in love with the P2 (especially at the low prices today) and live view. For me, the ergonomics of the P2 are almost perfect. I've been a photography enthusiast since 1962 and count the P2 -- along with the Nikkormat FTn and Nikon D60 -- as one of my three all-time favorite cameras among the some fifteen 35mm, medium format, APS-C format, and now MFT cameras that I've owned.

I have three P2s ... couldn't pass them up at $249 to $299 compared to the cost of a P3. I often take two or three MFT camera bodies (with lenses mounted) with me into the field in a bag that used to carry a Nikon DSLR and an extra lens. Also have a PL3; I appreciate the faster autofocus and increased frames per second when I need it (faster action for grandchildren and birds) but the form factor is a bit too small for my hands and I find the rear button placement a bit awkward. An E-M5 is on order, which I hope will surpass the technical capabilities of the PL3 with a more usable form factor given the size of my hands.

I'm out with one of my P2s almost every day looking to capture or recapture the different nuances of light and shadow, even where I've photographed the scenes before. My feeling is that Olympus should lower the price of the P3 (especially with the price of the new EM5 being so close) and they would not be able to keep up with the demand.

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