D7000 for X100

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Re: Well, I own both...

"Though I loved my D7000, it was just that...THE D7000...heavy, big (w/grip) black, machine! When I had it with me (which was all of the time, therefore tiring after a while) I felt I HAD to take photos since I took the time to lug it around and for me, my shots became almost forced. Like I said, now with the X100 it's an actual pleasure."

I gotta laugh every time I hear some photog talk about "lugging around his camera". Like it's a lot of weight. And being "forced" to shoot? I shoot for business and pleasure. I just took over 200 shots today strolling around my town on a "day off". I didn't "lug" my camera, I carried it. I wasn't "forced to shoot", it was a joy to shoot. If I'd been "forced" to only take the X100 I would have missed a ton of shots because of its fixed focal length. YMMV.

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