For people who decide to cancel or return their D800

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Re: For people who decide to cancel or return their D800 cry me a river

ukat123 wrote:

I would be happy to be wrong. I am only making a judgment based on what other people say or published photos...

I really do not like the samples at all. Especially the blown highlights. Never ever had that onmy now sold D3S. Never. It seems like the metering system is like the D7000 which I hate.

I would say if you are not happy with the photos, try a camera you are happier with. Personally, I am thrilled with the samples I have seen and cannot wait for mine to arrive on Monday. That said, I currently shoot with a 5D2 and have never had any problem getting sharp shots handheld, so I am quite confident I will be absolutely fine with the relatively modest increase from 21MP to 36MP.

With respect to highlights, my understanding is that the Exmor sensors tend to clip highlights more easily than other sensors, but more than makes up for that by added range in the shadows. Thus, if you find you are blowing highlights, just expose a bit to the left of where you normally would then bring up the shadows. All just part of knowing the quirks of your tools...

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