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Re: customize your buttons

Thank you very much for your prompt help. However, I think it does not work! Example:

1. In CFIII-6 I selected first all the 5 modes.

A) Then I selected the “Active”.

In mode One Shot (P) was single point AF
In mode One Shot (AUTO) was 19 pints AF

In mode AI Focus (P) was single point AF

B) Then a selected the “Deactive”.

In mode One Shot (P) was AGAIN single point AF
In mode AI Focus (P) was also single point AF

I selected in CFIII-6 now ONLY the second mode in column “Deactive” and the focus is still single point in "One shot" or "AI focus"!!!

2. Perhaps it is not possible to use all the modes, if selected, in the same time even if one can select “Active” or “Deactive”??? I mean, it must be always only one mode selected?

Let me put the question in reverse order: how do YOU work with the AF? Give me, please, an example, perhaps with “single point AF” and “5 Zones AF”. How will you change the selection in CFIII-6????

Perhaps is too much to ask you, this is the reason why I ask if somebody knows for another “manual” or “better description” concerning these settings. Frankly, I am lost because to me is still not clear which are the logical STEPS. I think, there are 4 parameters to be coordinate: Shooting mode (One shot, AI Focus, AI Servo), Selection through Multi-controller, Configuration in CFIII-6 and Modes (Creative and Full Auto) and (P, Tv, Av, M). I read the German manual, the English manual, no translation fault but I am still the meaning this procedure is not very good described.

Best regards, Eugene

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