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Re: Autofocus broken

Everette Deese wrote:

I own a K20. I dropped it from about two feet off the ground and it hit lens first. Afterwards the lens would only rock back and forth about a half inch when I try to focus. I sent the lens in but just got it back with a clean bill of health. Any Ideas what I broke on the camera?

Bummer. Was the lens in question an SDM lens or a screwdrive lens? Have you tried another lens of the same sort, or of the other sort? Have you tried the returned lens and verified it still doesn't work (I assume so, but just in case...)

If it's an SDM lens, I'd have to guess it's something related to the electrical contacts, most likely the two dedicated power contacts inset in the mount (rather than the various ones positioned around the face of the mount). If it's a screwdrive lens, I would guess something in the gear train or motor drive for the autofocus.

In a sense, it probably doesn't matter all that much what the failure is precisely, as the response would seem to be the same regardless: you'll presumably have to either send in the camera for a repair or repair estimate, or replace it entirely, or get by with manual focus.

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